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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

World's Best Sis

What follows is an excerpt from my blog...

About two weeks ago I shared pics with you of the wonderful goodies she sent me. I received a card a few days ago that had me crying with laughter...picture a Flo (remember the show "Alice") saying "why is this tampon behind my ear and where is my pencil?" AND she sent more balls of the super-soft, gorgeous color yarn you see in the pictures. I'm thinking of making a scarf with a hood attached and some mittens.

Oh Secret Sis, you are wonderful. I, of course, have had less than stellar manners. I haven't even acknowledged these gifts. I hope you can forgive me. Working full time again has gotten me all discombobulated. Offspring is now driving on her own...but she still seems to be on the computer all the time. I thought they were supposed to get out of your hair when the got their driver's liscence.

I hope everone has a secret sis as kind and patient as I have. I'm hoping to have some pics tonight of the beginnings of my hooded scarf.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Secret Sistah Strikes Again

Today was a big mail day since I had my mail held for 5 days from our trip. I received my first Secret Sistah package and some postcards from Canada, Michigan and California too! She is a sneaky sister. And yes, the birthday card came right on time, my b'day is 9/01-thank you!

In my super package I received some pattern sheets (I am making the vest for someone-thanks), a ball of Speed Cro-Sheen (#3 thread), two ginormous hanks of wool for felting, in kelly green and purple (purse in the new FC Easy Crochet is calling), a cool cat pencil, the coolest pin made in Guatemala (two sistahs together), a bead kit for Elena (which she swooned over), a bracelet in denim blue beads (love it) and a container of Adagio Fruit Medley tea! How cool is this, I ask???

Thank you sistah! Since all items came from two countries, I still don't know who you are, but you are sneaky!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


I just spoke to Lori on the phone and she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, she basically has to have the whole surgery she had before over again :(

She asked me to let you all know that she can receive email at the hospital: she sounded as if it would really bolster her spirits to get some. They print them out and deliver them to the rooms.

So if you can send her something, that would be great. I just realized that she moved hospitals and I should reverify the link to send the stuff to so I emailed her Pooky and hopefully will have that info soon.

Wish her the best please and send all the positive thoughts you can!

edit: I believe I found it:

she's in Longview; her room number is 606.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Thanks Secret Sis

In between yells from the spawn boy and yelling at the bank... the mail came. Surprisingly I got somehting that wasn't a bill!
I got Jasmine and Patcholi oils (WOOHOO) a beautiful bracelet and tube of chocolate lip balm!
Thanks Secret Sis

I may have you figured out.

Maybe. :)

I could be wrong, but I think I have a clue who my SS is now. It's a little something I picked up on. I could be wrong, it's been known to happen. ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I got my first package, and boy is it great! (There's photos in my main blog post.) *THANKS* secret sister! Wow!!!

Any ideas what I should make from that gorgeous wool hank? Should I go felted or non-felted? Hmmm... decisions!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Checking In

My thoughts go out to Lori - I'm so bummed out that she's dealing with this again. Yuk.

I'm also about to erase the spam comments - I aoplogize for not being on top of things and getting this done sooner.

One more thing - I'd like to ask you all to take a minute or two to shoot me an email about how you feel your swap experience has gone, thus far. I'm asking this because we're approaching the halfway mark and -

Some disappointment has been expressed, and quite frankly, I'm pissed. I organized this so that we could all have the best time possible, and I feel like it's not happeneing in some areas (extenuating circumstances aside, of course.) I want to know how you're doing, how your partners are doing, everything, so I can give you shit if you're slacking off. *smile*

Consider yourself warned.

I'm going to shop and blow some of my hunny's money... Ah! I've been dying to buy things for ages, it seems like, and I have a feeling this will perk up my not-so perky mood.

Talk to everyone soon!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lori Back in Hospital

I received an email tonight from Pookie, Lori is back in Centralia Hospital. If anyone needs the number, contact me.


Yuck! Someone's spamming our comments here! :( Who has the power to delete them?

Got a Package!

Check out my blogarama for details! Um and notice the Vegetable Liberation Army bag?????

I am sure I know who it is too...hehehe.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lookie lookie look!

Oh, does she just not ROCK?! SnaPea Crisps! 3 bags of 'em!

I had discovered these when I was on a business trip to Las Vegas, Trader Joe's had them. Of course, there are NO Trader Joe's anywhere in the state of freaking Montana, figures! God, I am so in love! I haven't had any of these in ages!

Let's see..she also sent some TLC Macaroon yarn (never seen it here, looks awesome!) "Cool Crochet", a book, bookmark, cars for Jacob, fruit leather and some teapot shaped jewelry findings!

*faints and twitches with happiness*

Truly, awesome! My husband had the package and brought it to me at work but took the liberty of scratching out the postmark beforehand. He said "I know where it came from!" Booger. :)

Thank you again Dear Secret Sistah, you made my day!

OOoh the anticipation!

I got an email from my 'secret' sister, letting me know she's putting a little sumthin' sumthin' together to send my way! Woo-Hoo! I can't wait!!

I'm also not so patiently waiting for payday so I can take care of some shopping for my sistah. I've got some yummy things planned that I hope make her day!

BTW - that poncho is so gorgeous Ro - what type of yarn is it?

You guys think your pooh doesn't stink, eh????

Okay, since no one responded to my last post, it confirms you are all in on it~! I received another card today from my SP, same wonky handwriting (or printing as this case may be). It was postmarked "LA, CA" which means Regina is in on it! I am intriqued and bugged now, thank you sistahs!

P.S. When sending a round postcard or abnormally shaped one, you must add a hand posting fee of 12 cents, so yes, it came postage due with an envelope paper clipped to it!

The suspense is killing me! ;)

Yesterday I came home from work and there was a slip in the mailbox that says I have a package!

I seriously considered hunting my mail carrier down and slashing his tires. Gah! :)

The husband is going to go collect it this morning, I can't wait!

And to answer your question Dear Secret Sistah, I have absolutely no clue who you are!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thank You

I just wanted to Thank my secret Sister for sending the ecard hug. Not only was it a cute as heck card it was timely as yes, you were right, I could use it.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Super Secret Sistah for the gorgeous with really cool iridescent beads on the bottom...soooo beyoootiful!!! Thank you! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I got a package!

I got off work Friday early (so I could shop for an outfit for a sorta-date/hangout). When I got home, I had the most perfect gift from my secret sister...she sent a wonderful package full of my favorite things. Nag Champa incense (burning kind AND a sachet which I think I may put in my car). There were vanilla candles, there was an anti-stress mud pac facial, pink grapefruit & balm soothing foot soak and spearmint & balm foot lotion, aromatherapy herbal mineral salts, some STRENGTHENING nail polish (nice touch, and perfect color, very natural) and some of those soft spongy toe separator thingys. She didn't forget my favorite candy (Bit O Honey & Hazelnut Ferrero Rochers). Needless to say, I knew I had a take a photo right away because I already used it and the candy....well, some of it didn't even make it to the photo. In spite of the fact that there were NO SPARKS (I'm praying he doesn't call) on the date, I went in feeling pampered and really good about myself.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why Are You Picking on Me???!!!

Okay, girls.....I get it now......I am the picked on sister, huh????? First a postcard from the Research Triangle in NC (I've been to Greensboro, so I know where it is), then today, one from Royal Oak, MI-no clue what that's inb proximity to. Then I figured it out (I think) Funky printing, Secret Sistah signed, from different locations across the country~you turds!!!!! Whose idea was this????? You will torture me til October won't you?????? I'll get you, somehow, someday I will~~~~~ (pounds my chest dramatically~)

Friday, August 12, 2005

What's Your Favorite Sister Movie or Book?

I had the inspiration to add a random quote script on the sidebar beneath the Archives section. Each time you load the page you'll see a new sister related quotation.

What my inspiration was is that as I was cleaning my computer room and putting books back on the shelf, I saw my all-time favorite sister related book, The Color Purple. Then I was thinking about the movie adaptation which I feel captured the feelings of the book. I loved the music in the movie and bought the soundtrack to it. I once owned a copy of the soundtrack; I'll probably download it from iTunes one of these days.

So, my dear sisters, I'd like to know what is your favorite sister book or movie?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My sistah rocks!!!!!!!!

I haven't taken pics yet, but I received a fantastic package yesterday.

A lavender-scented eye mask (perfect for anti-stress therapy), 2 uber-soft balls of yarn, a great card (yes, hell means no Starbucks), these super-freakin' cool magnets (going straight to the classroom, these babies are too good for my messy fridge), the cutest kitty cat post its and DARLING cat charms.

thank you!!! (((hugs))) *mwah*

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I've been making my rounds on some of my fellow sistah's blogs and see that spammers have managed to make comments, even when it's been set to blogger users only. Sheesh! We aren't safe if that is happening. Too bad there isn't a repellant for them. If they manage to invade Haloscan comments and Typekey I think we're all doomed!

Monday, August 08, 2005

For Once I "heart" My Mailman!

I got both the packages my secret sistah sent out to me today.

I was so tickled as I haven't been getting anything at all other than bills.
I got some yummy yarns, (The chenille is some I have been eyeballin on ebay, looking at it in person I may haveta just break down and get a cone!) A Lion King pbn for the boy (he loves it) some bath fizzes(smells wonderful), and Vogue knitting's "Crocheted Scarves- on the go"
I'm on top o' da world thank you so much!

My Secret Sistah....

can read my mind. I was at Walmart today getting some things for Erica since she's sick, and for the umpteenth time I was debating on buying a cd I've been wanting for a while. I didn't get it (again) and when I got home there was a box from Amazon in my door waiting for me. I open it up, and what is it??? The same cd I've been coveting. Sugarland, Twice the Speed of Life. Yep. She can read my mind. I have quite a few cd's on my Amazon list, and my sistah picked the one I wanted the most. Thank you so so much Secret Sistah, it made my day. You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Natalie!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sweet Saturday!

I didn't think Saturday would ever get here! The stores await and this money is burning a hole in my purse! My secret sistah is the greatest....She's sent two really cool e-cards and an email already. I really am starting to get curious and can't wait to find out who she is. Thank you girl!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Secret Sistah That We MUST Invite

I'd like to recommend inviting CroshayQueen from C'Ville to join us, and I'd like to request her as my secret sistah for the second round because she makes such awesome clothing! I am jealous of not having the talent to design things! I can only do something if I have a pattern to work from.

We already have other designers as part of the sistah-hood (Lady L and Twink). I think we need to have another join our ranks. (If you do design your own patterns and I didn't name you no offense, I still am getting know some of you.)

Yeah, I haven't made the banner graphic yet, or tweak the template. I've got a big wedding tomorrow and have been scurrying to prepare for that. It's not a simply ceremony either. The pay is good so I can't complain!

Hey Twink can I be your evil twin sistah known as Tweak?

What a week!

Hey all! First, I want to send a huge thank you to my super secret sister, I've heard from her every day, and she has already sent something my way!! Whoo! I am so excited!! I am going shopping this weekend for my sister too. I am thinking...maybe I should order something online and send it so I won't give myself away with the We'll see.
Natalie, hope all goes well with the job.
I hope all the sistahs out there have an awesome weekend!! I love this!



I just wanted to say that I'm loving my Secret Sistah muchly. She's awesome!

And I have NO CLUE who she is. Not even an inkling. :)


A post Deneen made at her blog reminded me... sadly, chocolate can't stand the heat of a NC summer (or early fall for that matter), so my secret sister probably shouldn't send me any. Unless, of course, it's packaged in a plastic bag, where it's easier to slurp up the liquid chocolate. ;)

Thinking Ahead

Admittedly, I'm an anal Virgo who likes to plan ahead. What I am thinking ahead is, even though we've just started with this exchange, and the likelihood is we'll continue it, how should we go about adding new sistahs? Will it be by invitation only, should we solicit for new sistahs, or do a combination of both?

What I like about how we are now is that we're a small group of sistahs who know each other--well, I confess I am getting to know some of you--and I think if we get too large it will be challenging to stay updated on everyone's blogs. However, if we remain too small then we'll run out of swapping possibilities (eventually).

As my brain fades into late night oblivion, what do you all think?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

So much fun!

I'm already having SO much fun hunting up ideas for items with which to surprise my Sistah...I sure hope she'll like em! I hope to send off a bit of something real soon for her and hope that I'll hear from my own swap sistah too soon cause I haven't heard anything yet but I know I just signed up :)

Thanks again Natalie for organizing this it's so much fun! :D



is it wrong of me.. to tease you all ? and tell you I have a super secret diabolical plan that makes me laugh maniacally as I think more and more about it ?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I did my first real bit of shopping for my pal tonight! I'm hoping that I'll be able to send out a package before the end of the week, even if it is a small one. I'm having so much fun with this!!

And I just can't resist sharing with you all - while I was at work tonight, I was approached about another job!! This guy was impressed with how "sharp" and "quick" I was, talents I wasn't sure were displayed running a cash register! Apparently he's a founder/CEO of some sort of auto sales mag... He gave me his card and told me to call if I was "looking for something different" - so first thing tomorrow morning, you know what I'll be doing!!

Talk about opportunity banging on my forehead!!

Spoiled! Much!

I got a questionaire in my email this morning from my secret sistah and she said she had sent a teaser package ALREADY!!!!

I'm so excited!
thank you thank you thank you

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I got an e card from my secret sistah, I actually got in a few days ago and just now checked my mail, it had gone in with junk was one of the really cool animated kind. I don't have a clue who my sister could be and I'm fighting the temptation to investigate and take a guess.

I'm A Good Girl, I am!

I got sidetracked today from working on the template. I did start to create the title banner. The culprit was going into town to shop for my C'Ville partner (I bought nothing for my secret sistah ;-) wink, wink ;-).

How much arm twisting did it take to get Twink to join us, Natalie? I'm think it took a very big bribe indeed! 'Fess up now! I know she comes at a high price.

Hear Ye, Hear ye!

What? What was that you said, about missing someone? Could it have been Pink Twilight?


Ask and you shall receive!! :)

Welcome, to our newest Sistah, Pink Twilight!!

[much cheering]

Good Morning!

I had a cheerful e-card in my inbox this morning, thank you! It perked me right up!

I am loving this smaller group of ladies, it is just so much fun! :)

I'm putting together a package for my sistah, there is one thing in it that I am so excited to send her because, well because! ;)

Have a great day all!


I miss Pink Twilight too.

I'm up for confusing Deneen too... let me know if I can help!

Speaking of keeping people confused, I think that if we do happen to figure our sister out, we probably shouldn't tell everyone else who it is... that makes it that much easier for the rest to figure theirs out (since it's another person that it *isn't*).

I too miss the Pink Lady

I totally miss Pink Twilight being a part of this.
I am already gathering for my Secret Sistah! It's exciting as this is the only swap I am in, I opted out of the SP round to help Tiff run it as this time as she has so many people in it.
I'm hoping to keep my secret identity until my first package arrives at it's local.... But where will that be??? Hmmm.....

Monday, August 01, 2005

She's Sorely Missed

I am noticing that I really miss someone who is part of our sistah-hood and opted not to join us because of financial reasons. Her new nickname is Pink Twilight. I wished she could be part of us.

I think we should all mess with Deneen's mind so she'll be so confused about who her secret sistah is! We can keep her guessing!

I'm going shopping tomorrow to get a few goodies for both secret pal swaps. This time from C'Ville I got a relative newbie and she's an older lady and has no blog. It's really difficult to get to know someone when they don't have a blog. I almost think that having a blog or website should be a requirement for the secret swaps. The questionnaire leaves a lot to be desired as it can't capture a person's personality very well. That's why I like the idea of this swap---we know each other.

Tomorrow I'll work on the blog's template a bit. I'll be keeping with the theme of the button so I'll let you know when it is ready.
Hey gals! Glad to see that everyone made it here okay!

I've gotten pretty lenient feedback about the linking issue, so I think we'll just go ahead and link the button to this blog, no password. It's nice and simple that way! If you need the code or help getting it up on your blog, email me!

I'm super happy to see that everyone is as excited about this as I am - I personally am psyched about the name I drew and can't wait to start getting a package together for her.

I'm also pleased to see the plotting and deception that's going on already! It's going to be very hard for me to keep my big fat mouth shut!! And it's only the first day...

Gotta get to bed!
I had to work late tonight, so I couldn't officially shop, but I already have 2 things for my secret sister, one of which I made. This is going to be fun and I'm so glad to get to know everyone!

Secrets.. the good kind...

heheh.. i am not one usually for keeping too many secrets but.. this is the good kind !!

I have already started gathering for my first packeage.. it may even go out as soon as wednesday .. *evil grin inserted here *

this is gonna be such fun and torture.. especially Deneen.. cause she wants to know who has her.. but doesnt at the same time.. taunting will be fun .. i know I am evil.. *muahhahahhha*..

I am just glad to be part of a small group that really cares and "knows" each other.. I really prefer this.. and it doesnt seem as tedious or overruled by rules.. so nice..

I am sure i will find fun and amusing ways to torture my secret sistah .. and I am sure whomever has me will find ways to do the same..

let the games begin girls !!

forgot to mention .. i even made a special place in my blog roll .. just for secret sistah blogs.. *awwwwww*


Let the spoiling begin!!! Already letting my mind wander with ideas. Dangerous, I know.
Already heard from my sistah, who left me smilin :)
Great lookin blog...great lookin people, what more could you want???
To know who has me, that's I love it!!!!!!!!! Whoo!

Looks around

Heeey, cool new digs!

Glad to be here! Hoping to have an official job word soon, when I do my "secret" sistah will get to benefit from my (hopefully) good news.




I'm way to amused right now y'all, just excuse me!

I got the best e-mail from my sistah this morning, it made my day! :)

Hi Everybody!

Hi all!

I'm here, plotting my next move and trying to figure out who the hell has me.............................................................


This is the new blog officially for the Secret Sisters swap! [Cheering] This blog can be used to post thank yous, pictures, ponderings... whatever you want.

So, go ahead - post away!!

I want to see how long it takes everyone to figure out their partners... no bribes, please. ;)