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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank You So Much!

This post is to Donna, who starred in and played the role of my Secret Sistah in this edition of "Secret Sistah". She sent so much stuff that I kept pulling stuff out of the box wondering when is it going to end? I still think there is something more inside, but the cats determined for me that there was a bottom. Mr. Doo really liked the box, and one of the kittens was licking it. How weird!

Anyhow, my lazy butt has not gotten around to taking pictures, which is why I've not posted it arrived yesterday. But I assure you, that I will because, well, it is just so damn impressive!

I can tell you that the greenish softy yarn, when my Pooky spied it, he wanted to claim it for making socks! I said he could have it as I think it would make a wonderful pair. I drooled over all of the tea, and I can never have too many incense burners!

It is all so wonderful that I will HAVE to get motivated and show-off the bootey that I got!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, DONNA! I feel very, merrily, and delightfully spoiled!

As promised, pictures of the goodies!


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