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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

OMG I am so spoiled!

I finally got to the P.O. to pick up a box my secret sistah had sent before my daughter hurt her knee (which kept us both in the house for 10 days!) and WOW!

I could smell yummy roses the moment I had the box in my hands but I never expected all of this!

I've also never seen an 'eternity scarf' before but I can't wait to play with it and try all the different ways of wearing it!

My sis sent me the coolest daily planner (which I really need!) a package of pens (My daughter begged for the purple one so I had to share lol the wide grips are great for my hands, you're so thoughtful!) the rose scented candles (so many!) and the prettiest potpourri that I have ever seen and smelled! Also she sent sachets and wonderful footsie care items (which I also really can use) thank you so much...I can't imagine that you're sending me anything else, you've sent so much and I love all of it.

Thank you for really coming through and making this such a special experience for me Sistah! I have you figured out (I'm 99 percent sure :) and I am so lucky to have had you for my sistah.



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